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Works like a traditional credit card

No Credit Check

All the benefits of a Visa®

This isn't some sort of a "starter card." The OpenSky® Secured Visa® delivers all the benefits of a Visa credit card.

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This isn’t some sort of a “starter card.” The OpenSky® Secured Visa® delivers all the benefits of a Visa® credit card, including worldwide acceptance, fraud protection and more. In fact, nobody will know it’s a secured card but you.

Annual Fee

Low Annual Fee

It has one of the lowest annual fees you'll find.

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One of the lowest you’ll find among leading secured cards. We don’t charge an application fee, processing fee or servicing fee.


Email Alerts & More

You can set up email alerts to act as reminders, like when your payment is due or when a credit/return has posted.

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Set email alerts to act as reminder to make your payment, or let you know when you’re approaching your credit limit. Set up recurring automatic payments to ensure your card is paid on time. Even review your available credit limit prior to bigger purchases.

NerdWallet selected OpenSky® as best secured credit card of 2017 for "bad credit or no bank account."